Hendersonville, Tennessee

I will have the Family Chain: A Tribute to Joe Isaacs Cd on sale through 12/15 for Christmas. Place your order today! Merry Christmas!

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  • John Thanks

  • Hi John,
    I am close friends with The Nelons, therefore, I know Levi ! I just wanted to write to you and give you an encouraging word! You have always presented a gentle, loving spirit whenever we have seen you. Now that I have gotten to know Levi a tiny bit, I see your gentleness has been transferred to him…what a great gift you have given Levi. I know God is going to continue to use you in a remarkable way. I have children about your age, so I know how difficult parenting is. You have obviously poured yourself and your faith into your children….that is, after all, your greatest legacy! God bless you. I can hardly wait until your new cd is released ! Blessings, Sue Smith

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