Hendersonville, Tennessee

Monthly Archives: October 2013

Friends, I wanted to tell you all about the wonderful revival we had at Slate Mountain. The Lord surely moved in a mighty way.

Sunday, I preached the morning and night service. I preached about the baptism of the Holy Ghost and being unified as a church during the revival. At the night service I preached about Cornelius and the promise given to the Gentiles as well. They not only heard the word, the accepted it! We had wonderful singing from the Comptons. Wow, they ministered! The Spirit of God was moving right off the bat.

Monday night, we had special singing from two young ladies, the Daltons, in the area. When I say young, I mean 10 and 12 years old! They were wonderful. They set the stage for another night of worship. Several people came to the altar to rededicate their lives to Jesus. God was just beginning to show these folks what HE was going to do!

Tuesday night, the Lord just showed off! I preached Lazarus and the rich man and heaven and hell. I felt the Holy Ghost move so sweetly during the service. Two people were saved at altar call, several rededicated, and healings had and were taking place. The pastor’s mother had a hip problem. We prayed and He answered. She testified the next day, “I’ve been running around the house like a 20 year old woman all day!”

The Spirit moved on me during altar call about someone who had contemplated suicide. She was the first to come to the altar! We rebuked that spirit in the name of Jesus. It had to leave!

Also, the music was great that night with Olin Garnder and his wonderful group. Junior Sisk, IBMA Male Vocalist of the YEar, sang too. He also got saved! Praise His name! The great banjo picker, Sammy Shelor, of the Lonesome River Band rededicated his life to the Lord. Things were going so well. We had to have another night! We had more news of healings of people that weren’t even at the church services, including one young lady who received healing of a hole in her eardrum!

Wednesday night was filled with more great music from Junior Sisk and Sammy. I preached about Job and taking back the things that the devil has stolen. The same Holy Ghost power came with great wonder. Two young ladies 10 and 12 were saved! Hallelujah!!!

It was hard to leave because God was doing such wonderful things. However, I had made a commitment to drive for the Isaacs that weekend. Nevertheless, more news of healing has been reported. One man with stage 4 cancer was completely healed! Jesus Christ is still in the healing business folks!

Thank you to all who attended and prayed for the revival, especially Pastor Jeff Dalton. You moved God and God moved us!!! I’m looking forward to the next revival at Slate Mountain. I have no doubt that God will show up. He always does!!! God bless you all.