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God Still Performs Miracles



Hello friends. Any of you, who have read anything I’ve written, know that I am a Christian and I believe in miracles. A few weeks ago, God performed another miracle in my life that I must share with you.


Since moving to middle Tennessee last year, and I’m just being transparent, financially, things have been tight for me. I’m not complaining or poor mouthing. I knew and still know, that God is in control and He will provide. I sold all of my instruments, except for my fiddle that Jimmy Edmonds made for me, to pay my bills. So, as of a few weeks ago, I was playing a guitar that my good friend, Jimmy Edmonds, made and let me borrow. Now, don’t get me wrong. My wife has a couple of other guitars I could play, but I didn’t have one of my own.


We were scheduled to play in Bloomingdale, Georgia at Randy Wood’s guitar shop on the 17th of August. Keith Garrett and I rode down there together for the show. When I pulled into the parking lot at Randy’s, a man named Sam Skinner met me as I got out of my car. He said he had talked to me earlier in the year and he had something he wanted to show me.


We went inside Randy’s shop and he pulled out a beautiful guitar. He asked if I would play it. I was very excited to do so. It is made of curly Sapele wood. The top tight-grained is made of Sitka spruce. The comfortable and slim neck is made of mahogany. It is a beautiful instrument. Best of all, the guitar sounds like a vintage guitar. The tone is big and round, but clear. Overall, this guitar is a work of art.


As I sat there playing it, enjoying every note, Sam asked me if I liked it. Of course, I said, ”Yes! This is a great instrument.”


Sam smiled and said, “Good. It’s yours.”  I froze, because I didn’t know what he meant. I explained that I didn’t have the money to buy the guitar. He said, “I don’t want any money. I’m giving it to you.” I didn’t know whether to cry or jump for joy.


I said, “Sam, I don’t know what to say.”


He said, “You don’t have to say anything. Just play it and enjoy it.”


I have been waiting to write about this, because I wanted to say a special thanks to Sam and I wanted to brag on God. Folks, God is interested in your wants and your needs. I haven’t divulged what I’m going to tell you, not even my band mates. But a month or so before that day, I had considered leaving music again. My financial needs were worrying me. Any of you that know me, understand I don’t worry about much. However, when it comes to my family and their wellbeing, I will do whatever it takes to insure they’re taken care of. I asked God to direct me, not a sign. The Bible says a faithless generation seeks a sign. I’ve always tried to lean on His understanding, not my own. This is one of those times when God showed up with a sledgehammer! I’m supposed to be playing music. God knew I wanted a guitar of my own and he sent me one! Not a borrowed guitar, but my very own guitar was sent through Sam Skinner. Sam names the instruments he makes. Guess what the name of my instrument was? GRACE!!




Sam, I hope this explains my speechlessness the night you gave me this instrument. Sometimes, God overwhelms me. This was one of those times. I’m so thankful to you for what you’ve done for me. I know the Lord will reward you for following your heart. I pray that the people who read this will consider one of your instruments as their own.


I love people with heart. Sam has heart and it shows in his instruments. Please consider a Skinner guitar when you are thinking of a custom instrument. You won’t be disappointed. Every detail is attended to with special care. I am going to include Sam’s information at the end of this writing.


Thank you, Lord. You never cease to amaze me. You have all power. You know, when we don’t. I trust and recognize You for who You are. Jehovah Jireh!!!


Sam Skinner Guitars